The remained problem with recycled garbage bags is that it has to be degraded if it can not be recalled back or reused. Meanwhile the degraded material should be made full use of under the three R principles. Degradable plastic bag is made of disposable material and does no harm to the environment so the demand for it will increase in the future as a tendency for environment-friendly solution.

Return-to-nature degradation principle

  Plastic garbage bags are made of multi-degradable materials, the main components of which are amylum and dissolvable resin which are good char resource for microbes. The fast breeding of microbes such as mildew and bacterial can destroy the physical structure of plastics. Meanwhile the part eaten by the microbes under bio-chemical reaction with catalyzing effect of the acid base is decomposed into CO2 and H2O.


* Return-to-nature degradation principle


Up to 86 % of the Degradable Garbage bag can be decompose after 90 days


  The advantage of degradable environment-friendly garbage bag lies in that not only can it be decomposed in very short time without harmful remnant but also less poisonous gas and heat released in burning.

Quality grantee

  The degradable plastic bags we make with new technology and material have been tested by the national plastic product quality inspection center and proved qualified.