The method and effect of the past and present ways of garbage disposal:


Dumping into the sea
Plastic garbage causes great pollution to the sea


Land filling
Plastic garbage disturbs the oxygen permeation in earth and block water flow thus hinders the growth of the crop.


Causing huge clouds of black smoke which are considered at present as the most poisonous substance Dioxine


Relieving in some degree the eco-pollution caused by 1)2)3)  

Due to these problems, we are now making recycled environment-friendly garbage bags.;Also under the impetus of social morality and enthusiasm for environment-protection business, we undertake to develop a new generation of product—Loving care, a product overcame the problem with recyclable garbage bags. After keen research work and improvement, we refine our product to solve the problem of white pollution the eco-pollution caused by plastic garbage, in order to reduce and prevent further worsening of the overall environment in HK. We the disabled group are curing the wounded earth with our tiny effort in the business of environment protection and we hope the society can give a hand in this undertaking.