Safe the earth  Help our children

   Under the influence of Asia financial crisis and the bubble economy, the shrinking social employment makes it more difficult for the physically disabled people to get employed. Sunrise Enterprises Company was founded under such a hush condition by a group of physically disabled people in the hope of helping others and self-supporting. As an environment-friendly product manufacturer funded by disabled people and operated on the principle of employing the disabled as the main faculty, SEC seeks to help the disabled people participate into the HK society of equal opportunity, and cultivate a spirit of self-supporting as well as establish a society of mutual love between the healthy and the disabled, thus, to take its responsibility to promote environment protection and also, to make the disable people mentally sound despite of their physical defection in the form of repaying the society. It focuses on increasing working opportunity for disabled people and helping the government relieve the burden of financial support for them.


   We echo the call from the HK citizens that in order to make a suitable and pleasant living environment in HK we must care for our next generations and pay attention to environment protection and sustainable living. Reflecting the reason behind pollution back to its origin from the ideal of environment protection, we realize that we should go beyond cleaning the scraps to prevention and reduction of the eco-damage resulted from garbage burning and land filling. We decide to work at environment protection-related products and services, providing recycled environment-friendly garbage bags and specializing in degradable garbage bags with new technology and materials.